Amber Roberts

Amber Roberts writes contemporary romance about unabashedly nerdy characters in ridiculous situations. She lives with her husband, two children, and formerly feral cats in the Vermont woods, where eating maple creemees is a year-round activity. She spends her time copywriting, forgetting to water her plants, and awkwardly replying “you too” at inappropriate moments. Follow her on Twitter @ARobertsWrites and Instagram @AmberRobertsWrites

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9781639104956, Text Appeal, In this delightful debut novel perfect for fans of Olivia Dade and Kate Stayman-London, STEM gets steamy when a coder takes up sexting to pay the bills. As the only female programmer at her firm, Lark is thrilled to land the lead role managing an account for a huge client. But her dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she accidentally projects a scandalous (and completely unsolicited) picture from her phone onto the screen during a presentation. Before she can recover, her coworkers jump in to steal the account, leaving Lark jobless and broke. When a friend suggests text message-based sex work as a stopgap between jobs, Lark is dubious. She’s no prude but carrying out sexual fantasies—even digitally and anonymously—with complete strangers is more than a little daunting. How will she explain how she’s earning a living—especially to Toby, her good friend and longtime hopeless crush? Still, she needs the money, and after a few (embarrassing and hilarious) false starts, sexting turns out to be not so bad. She might even like it, especially with one particularly charming and nerdy client who keeps popping up in her DMs. But when Toby confesses feelings for Lark, she finds herself with a decision to make: tell Toby that she’s a sex worker—and try to forget the anonymous client whose conversation skills have her struggling to separate work from real feelings—or keep the secrets that are piling up in her inbox.

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