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J.C. Myers

J.C. Myers was born in the smallest hospital in Vermont when the baby boom (1946 – 1964) only had four more years to go. He remembers the Vietnam war and the peace movement, and what it was like to be a long-haired kid in a Vermont grade school in sixties – “wicked rough, but ‘oh din’t we have fun.” The standard English spoken by his educated family got him an English degree from Vassar. His school years, the time logging, cutting firewood, building houses…anything for money, those things taught him how to speak and write Vermontics. Have some fun with Junkyard at No Town.

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ISBN-13:9781578690152 J.C. Myers’ spirited first novel, Junkyard at No Town, captures rural Vermont’s land, language, and culture in outrageous and vernacular-rich dialogue, combined with crazy and splendid plot twists and descriptions. You’ll find yourself breathless, sometimes wide-eyed, and sometimes laughing hard, as you follow young Jules’ initiation, fresh out of college in the early 80s, seeking a life far from his Westchester upbringing. He buys a junkyard in the rural Vermont village of Iraton—right on the edge of No Town.
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