J. C. Myers

J. C. Myers

I'm from a educated family that moved to rural Vermont in the 1930s. I was born and raised a literate Vermonter. I learned to speak like a native as a survival adaptation on the school bus. Living that rural life, Vermontics came in handy and I absorbed the humor and wisdom of my fellow workers. This was my material in writing Junkyard at No Town, a book that started as a short story when I was still in college in the early 80s and on which I did my final edits just this spring of 2019. I feel blessed to have been from two worlds, to have read so much great literature, to have inherited the love of art and music, and to have learned how to sharpen a chainsaw and drop an Ash without having it split on me before it hits the ground.

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283 West County Road - Calais, VT
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Any bookstore, Amazon, rootstockpubling.com, (bookstores can order through Ingram Spark)

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  • J. C. Myers
  • Junyard at No Town was a finalist for Best Fiction Book at American Book Fest
  • Junkyard at No Town won IPNE best book 2019 for Literary Fiction

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