Maigualida Rak

Maigualida Rak

Maigualida Rak is a Venezuelan/Spanish language professor, and also a poet. As a poet, I celebrate a women’s wisdom, honoring our journey, listening and giving voice to spiritual and sensual feelings, embracing, enfolding, engulfing within our minds the truth that sensuality is linked to relationships, protection, provision, expansion, development, love, joy, health and interdependency, and completion. Let's celebrate universal Love!

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9798650990598 - Of The Desire And The Sublime Del Deseo Y Lo Sublime Bilingual Edition: English and Spanish Edition by Maigualida Rak; a woman whose femininity encompasses life with beauty and poetry, offers us this collection of poems, a vibrant memory of past and present loving, passionate and sensual loves. Born of a present in Vermont, where the winter calmness of fable and the romanticism of the autumnal ochres, are opposed and simultaneously joined to the exuberance of the Caribbean forest that connects her with the ground, together forming a collage that allows this skillful pen to transmit her passion to us for living, uncovering a sensual and sophisticated intimacy. She manages to interweave in total harmony with the body's passion and the sublime vibration of a soul in love. Only a skilled poet who has perfected and plumbed the depths of her passion, can unselfconsciously lay bare her most intimate feelings. Her voice is unique and refreshing. Few poets can deliver such a captivating and meticulous eruption. With a sublime look upon the everyday, the author tells us in prose her personal stories, unveiling the beauty of the usual moments, which in the end are the main makeup of life.
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