Monica Morrissey

I am an Author of three books. I write about signs from the after-life, specifically Dimes from Heaven. Through my business Intuitive Wellness, I help women reconnect with their soul. I am a Reiki Master and Instructor, Intuitive and Spiritual Card Reader, Spiritual Coach and Past Life Regression Specialist and I love to analyze dreams. I am passionate about soul-care, where true spiritual seekers look to find joy, happiness and spiritual connection.
I live in Vermont with my husband of thirty-three years. We have two grown sons who are also married and two grandsons. I love hiking, swimming, snuggling with my kitties and being with my family.

I was an educator for over thirty years. My experience teaching others helped me gain the knowledge I needed for my unexpected career change; becoming an author and spiritual teacher. At the age of fifty, I published my inspiring Dimes from Heaven memoir to help others understand our connection to loved ones who are in the spirit world and how our thoughts create our reality.

I began sharing stories about synchronistic events revealing that our souls never die. As an empath and natural-born teacher, my faith is guiding me to help people experience life and death in a whole new way.
I now have a better knowledge about the afterlife to share with others. My retirement from the public school system allows me to follow my true passion; helping people who want to learn more about everlasting life and who want to live healthier and happier lives.

Dimes are my signature sign from heaven. People love listening to the dime stories and often proceed to experience their own or discover that their past experiences are in fact "dime" stories too. The synchronicities reveal a soul's life is eternal. Each of my books gives us the tools to open the door to heaven so we are able to feel the deep love for those no longer with us.

My third book is Once Upon a Dime Heaven is Talking to Us. Do You Know How to Listen?

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979-8-9864913-0-1 Dimes from Heaven How Coins and Coincidences When people die, are they ever truly gone? I had heard of the saying, “pennies from heaven” before, but my coins from heaven seemed to be dimes. Was my father actually sending me dimes to show me he wasn’t really gone? My mother seemed to be sending pennies all the time, but my dad was pretty clever. Everyone around me knew that I was sensitive, but it took me writing about a few special dimes to discover what it meant to be an empath. Along with the messages from heaven, I share how I am listening to the positive voice inside my head. This book is about so much more than dimes, yet without them, I wouldn’t have written it. Helped Me Discover My Life as an Empath.
979-8-9864913-1-8 More Dimes From Heaven A Journey to Self-Publishing Have you ever done something that was so scary you weren’t sure you really wanted to do it? I never, ever wanted to be an author. I was scared to share any part of my life with others. When I first put pen to paper, I had no idea how my life was about to change. When I started writing my first book, Dimes from Heaven, the messages from the universe were loud and clear- I was meant to share my story and write a book! Miracles happened and I discovered things about myself and the world that I didn’t know when I began writing. More Dimes from Heaven is my journey to become an author; one that is filled with so many coincidences and many more dimes! These were the signs to encourage me to write my book even though I knew nothing about publishing a book. Learn the ins and outs of self publishing along with me and maybe even write your story!

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979-8-9864913-6-3 Once Upon a Dime Heaven is Talking to Us. Do You Know How to Listen? Going through the grief of losing someone can be one of the hardest things anyone can experience. It can shatter our world and make it feel like they are gone forever. Have you ever wondered if you could receive a message from someone who is no longer with you? What if you were able to connect and feel overwhelming love from beyond? Before my father died, we found his old coin collection and decided to turn some of the liberty head dimes into necklaces to give as gifts. The process brought us closer and created a bond that continued on after he passed. This is why I knew that when I got to the top of the mountain two weeks after his death, that the dime I found was from him. As I wept on top of that mountain, I knew that it was my father reaching out to me. The energy of love and an inner knowing that the dime I found at the top of my climb brought me peace during my grieving process. Now, I want to give you the keys to unlock the invisible door, where we all have the power to connect with loved ones and feel that deep sense of peace, joy and love within our soul. Once Upon a Dime teaches you how to connect to the invisible energy that surrounds our physical, human world. Let’s grieve together in a different way so that we feel our loved ones’ love and carry on their legacy. Heaven is talking to us. Let’s wake up and discover the keys to know how to listen!

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979-8-9864913-8-7Your Journey with Grief. A Space to Express Yourself And Keep the Legacy of Your Loved One Alive. The gift of writing about our grief brings peace from within during one of the most difficult times in our life. There are no rules for grief and our love for those who are gone continues on after their death. This space is a place to keep that love alive and carry on the legacy of those who seem to be gone. May your heart feel the love from those in spirit form as you write. Grief is one of the most difficult times in our lives. This card deck is for those wishing to receive a message from those who are no longer here. The Spirit world is ready to communicate and these cards help open the invisible door to Heaven. Start getting your messages today!

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