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Alec Hastings
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Alec Hastings grew up in the Vermont foothills just west of the Connecticut River. His grandfather taught him to swing a scythe, sharpen an ax, and drive a war-surplus Willys Jeep. His father taught him to shoot a rifle, play the Scottish bagpipes, and love the written word. His grandmother filled him to bursting with sour cream cookies and fresh-baked bread. All his elders filled him with stories! He has done the same for his own children, grandchildren, and the students in his high school and community college writing classes. He continues a lifelong habit of writing down stories, and he continues to live happily with his wife Denise in the hill country of Vermont.

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(802) 272-6694
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400 Curtis Road - Randolph Center, VT
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Otter St. Once and the Bootleggers - A Tale of Adventure
Otter St. Once and the Bootleggers - A Tale of Adventure
On the eve of Vermont’s Great Flood of 1927, rain falls on northern Lake Champlain. Otter’s father has been missing since World War I, and then a letter arrives with surprising news. Royal St. Onge may be alive! Otter and Granddad load a canoe with Mississquoi Moonbeam and paddle across Goose Bay to rendezvous at the family camp, but Otter’s father is nowhere to be found, and bullet holes scar the cabin walls. The trail finally leads to a cutthroat gang called the Crows who will kill every member of Royal’s family unless Otter can stop them.

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Do you like stories of brave children, cattle rustlers, scary ogres, clever dogs, and three wishes that summon a leprechaun? If the answer is yes, then the four stories in Rosie and the Little Folk are for you! Rosie and Backfire Bob have some dicey adventures you won’t want to miss! Why I remember the time—but wait a minute! You don’t need me to tell you. Crack this book open yourself and get in on the fun!