C. M. Lance
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C. Michael Lance

C. M. Lance - An Aerospace Engineer, Accountant, Product Manager, Operations Director, Sales Executive, and Writer in that approximate chronological order.

He's always enjoyed writing, even though early writings were mostly Product Specifications, Sales Proposals, and Departmental Budgets. Most readers assumed those were fictional.

Is currently traveling the USA with his Interior Designer wife in an RV.

Three grown children span the United States from New York to Austin, TX to San Diego.

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(913) 461-1603
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14 Pleasant St - Hardwick, VT
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East Hardwick
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Rachel Sharp
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About Rachel Sharp

Rachel Sharp is an author, activist, and lifetime member of the Somewhat Eccentric Creative Persons Club. She lives with chronic illness, plays ukulele, and tries to save the planet.

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Hacker couple Jack and Rosie crack technology, but the newest device, the Phaethon, isn't like other phones. The parts are junk, yet it can do the impossible. Through gentle prodding and data theft, they learn it's powered a living creature.

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Mab is an unemployed feminist blogger with a philosophy degree, a deathly allergy to bee stings, and the real-world experience of a domestic rabbit. When Portland, Oregon is evacuated, no one thinks to look for her in her unlabeled apartment. She can still get news from the outside world for days. All the news is bad. The planetary Tarantella dance has started, and the world is shaking itself apart. Volcanoes and earthquakes abound. Taking stock of her supplies, she finds that her best survival gear includes a 49cc moped and clothing that wouldn't keep a chihuahua warm in a Florida winter. Left alone in the city, Mab fumbles along and documents her post-apocalypse adventures through the lens of mankind's greatest coping mechanism: Inappropriate humor. She learns from experience as she misinterprets survival tips, battles wild geese, steals cars, befriends a dog, and discovers the difference between instinct and cultural training.