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Ann Dávila Cardinal is a novelist and director of student recruitment for Vermont College of Fine Arts where she earned her MFA in Writing. Her novels Five Midnights (6/4/19) and the sequel, Category Five (6/2/20), are published by Tor Teen. Ann lives in Morrisville, Vermont with her husband Doug and son Carlos, and likes to spend her free time cycling, doing fiber arts, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

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Five Midnights from Tor Teen
Five Midnights from Tor Teen
Five Midnights: ISBN 9781250296078 – Five friends cursed. Five deadly fates. Five nights of retribución. If Lupe Dávila and Javier Utierre can survive each other’s company, together they can solve a series of grisly murders sweeping though Puerto Rico. But the clues lead them out of the real world and into the realm of myths and legends. And if they want to catch the killer, they’ll have to step into the shadows to see what’s lurking there—murderer, or monster?

Category Five from Tor Teen
Category Five from Tor Teen
Category Five: ISBN 9781250296122 – After the hurricane, some see destruction and some smell blood. The tiny island of Vieques, located just off the northeastern coast of the main island of Puerto Rico, is trying to recover after hurricane Maria, but the already battered island is now half empty. To make matters worse, as on the main island, developers have come in to buy up the land at a fraction of its worth, taking advantage of the island when it is down. Lupe, Javier, and Marisol are back to investigate a series of murders that follow in the wake of a hurricane and in the shadow of a new supernatural threat.
Bill on his '49 Panhead chopper - 1976
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Bill Schubart has lived in Vermont with his family since 1947. Educated in Morrisville, Phillips Exeter, Kenyon College and UVM, his great uncle was the renowned photographer and champion of impressionist art, Alfred Stieglitz. Noted publishers of the time were well represented in his family. Roger Straus (Farrar, Straus, & Co.) and Alfred and Blanche Knopf (Knopf / Borzoi Books) were cousins and part of his early family on his father’s side. At Exeter, a sonnet he’d written earned admission to George Bennett’s creative writing class. Bennett taught many future American writers, like James Agee. Like Agee, Schubart went on to become head of the Lantern Club, Exeter’s literary society, and invited Father Flye to visit Exeter.

Schubart is fluent in French language and culture, which he taught before entering communications as an entrepreneur. He has served on panels and spoken at numerous industry and media events including Book Expo, IPNE, The DMA, and The Entertainment Marketing Conference. He writes about Vermont in fiction, humor and opinion pieces and is a regular columnist for VTDigger.

In 1972, he cofounded Philo Records an independent record label that produces international artists in the folk and classical field, now part of the Concord Music Group. He also founded the Pleiades Music Group, a music publishing company. At 26 he was elected Chair of the Vermont Arts Council – the youngest trustee ever to serve as Chairman – and then served again at age 41. At 30, he joined the Board of the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. In 1984, he became Chairman of the Vermont Folklife Center. Schubart has chaired the Arts Council’s Media Panel, Literature Panel and Visual Arts Panels and has served as a resource panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts. He also chaired Fletcher Allen Health care, a 450 bed university medical center, The VT Business Roundtable, and VT Public Radio. He currently chairs the VT College of Fine Arts and serves on the board of the Shelburne Museum. Schubart’s interests include poetry, photography, stone gardening, logging, classical and primitive music. He lives in Hinesburg, Vermont, with his wife Katherine, a writer.

The Lamoille Stories – (ISBN: 978-0-9897121-0-1) Magic Hill Press LLC 2014
Fat People – (ISBN: 978-0-615-39751-1) Magic Hill Press LLC 10/22/2010
Panhead – (ISBN: 978-0-9834852-6-1) Magic Hill Press LLC 2/1/2012
I Am Baybie – (ISBN: 978-0-9834852-9-2) Magic Hill Press LLC 5/16/2013
Photographic Memory – (ISBN: 978-0-9834852-8-5) Magic Hill Press LLC 2014
The Lamoille Stories II – (ISBN: 978-0-9897121-3-2) Magic Hill Press LLC 2014
Lila and Theron – (ISBN 978-1-68261-356-6) Charles Michael Publishing (Rel. June 6, 2017)
The Priest – (ISBN: 978-0-9897121-8-7) Magic Hill Press LLC (2018)

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Lila & Theron: ISBN 9781682613566 – Set in rural America and spanning much of the 20th century, Lila & Theron captures the spirit of the American rural experience, as it relates to their personal stories of love and sacrifice. From the forward: “Lila and Theron don’t imagine themselves poor, nor do they covet what they don’t have. They are whole in themselves, and on their land and progress impinges little on their lives.”

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The Priest: ISBN 9780989712187 – I Wrote The Priest to explore the struggle many boys have becoming men – especially around sexuality – and how one boy finds safety within the vocational confines of his Catholic faith, only then to be astonished as he experiences life vicariously in the shadow of the confessional. Ultimately, he must confront his own emerging sexuality in the real world and reconcile the inevitable collision between the security of doctrine and the risks of being human.

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I Am Baybie: ISBN 9780983485292 – Nadine Hoover was sighted at birth and blinded by the drunken doctor bringing her into the world. The daughter she had herself as a teenager by a foster father who raped her became her greatest friend and comfort and Nadine kept her close until she died. Nadine renamed herself “Baybie” when she and her friend Virginia Brown moved to the streets of New York City where, she became a licensed minister and founded her church in an abandoned apartment in Brooklyn. If you lived in Manhattan and ever shopped at Bloomingdale’s in the late 60’s and early 70s, you met Baybie and Virginia singing there by the main entrance.

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The Lamoille Stories: ISBN 9780989712101 – Author Bill Schubart brings to life the friends and characters of his native Lamoille County where in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s life was lived close to the earth and often against the grain. Schubart’s collection of 22 stories captures a Vermont in transition from an enclave of hill farms and small towns where everyone knew your grandfather to a Valhalla for urban expats seeking chairlifts or rural renewal. Schubart’s full-hearted and compassionate evocation of this Vermont is by turns poignant, funny and savory. The stories give readers a good excuse to stay up late to discover how Wyvis will circumvent the new prohibition on having more than three junk yards in your yard or what bait Pete Trepanier trolls with inside Mer-Lu’s bar in Hardwick on a Saturday night. This thoroughly enjoyable collection is as finely etched as the frost ferns on your winter window panes.
J. C. Myers
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I’m from a educated family that moved to rural Vermont in the 1930s. I was born and raised a literate Vermonter. I learned to speak like a native as a survival adaptation on the school bus. Living that rural life, Vermontics came in handy and I absorbed the humor and wisdom of my fellow workers. This was my material in writing Junkyard at No Town, a book that started as a short story when I was still in college in the early 80s and on which I did my final edits just this spring of 2019. I feel blessed to have been from two worlds, to have read so much great literature, to have inherited the love of art and music, and to have learned how to sharpen a chainsaw and drop an Ash without having it split on me before it hits the ground.

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Jackson Ellis

Jackson Ellis is a writer and editor from Vermont who has also spent time living in Nevada and Montana. His short fiction has appeared in The Vermont Literary Review, Sheepshead Review, Broken Pencil, The Birmingham Arts Journal, East Coast Literary Review, Midwest Literary Magazine, and The Journal of Microliterature. He is the co-publisher of, which he founded as a print periodical in 1999. LORDS OF ST. THOMAS​ is his first novel.

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My debut novel is available at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks, and at independent bookstores across the country. To buy online from a variety of vendors, go here:

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“Jackson Ellis’s LORDS OF ST. THOMAS is the dramatic story of the beleaguered Lord family, forced off their land by the creation of Lake Mead. At the heart of the book are the patriarch Henry Lord, who refuses to leave his doomed home, and town, and his young grandson and namesake. LORDS OF ST. THOMAS is both a terrific coming-of-age story and an exact and haunting evocation of a bygone time and place. What’s more, it’s a great read. I loved every page.” ―Howard Frank Mosher, author of WHERE THE RIVERS FLOW NORTH
Louella Bryant
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Ellie Bryant

Louella Bryant’s novel Cowboy Code is based on the true story of a Virginia mountain town. Other books include While In Darkness There Is Light, nonfiction about the Vietnam era, a story collection, and two Civil War novels for young adult readers. Her award-winning writing has appeared in magazines and anthologies. A graduate of George Washington University and Vermont College of Fine Arts, Louella works as an independent editor. Visit her website at

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A coming-of-age story set in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.
A coming-of-age story set in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.
ISBN-13: 9781684333004. COWBOY CODE ~ Crazy about cowboy movies, fourteen-year-old Bobbie Grey uses Gene Autry’s code of honor as her moral guide. When her father is killed in an explosion at the paper mill, her mother takes a job at the mill and becomes enamored with co-worker Phoenix. Bobbie yearns for her mother’s attention while secretly in love with Covey, a young boxer from the African settlement. Burr, a Navy man on leave, woos Maggie and when he ships out, Phoenix declares her love for Maggie and becomes Bobbie’s ally. When Bobbie takes forbidden walks to the African settlement, Covey’s family takes her in. During the night, Klansmen come for Covey and beat him, accusing him of prowling. Phoenix begs Maggie to leave Burr but she refuses until she discovers him with another woman. From Phoenix, Bobbie learns that love transcends race and gender and that it sometimes requires the ultimate sacrifice—letting go.

A Vietnam era story of adventure and tragedy in Australia
A Vietnam era story of adventure and tragedy in Australia
ISBN-13: 9781937854607. WHILE IN DARKNESS THERE IS LIGHT ~ A look at the lives of five young men who, during the Vietnam era, start a commune in Australia—and a look at how young men often look to the wild to find themselves and the consequences this sometimes yields. The Rosebud Farm project was born of idealism, commitment, and virtue, all deeply rooted in friendships that have transcended distance and time. The men in this story, insulated by wealth and innocent of heart, were trying to make sense of a tumultuous world and trying to find some peace in it. One of these five young men was Charlie Dean, the brother of Howard Dean (who has written the introduction).

A story of the Underground Railroad set in Burlington, Vermont
A story of the Underground Railroad set in Burlington, Vermont
ISBN-13: 9781881535225. THE BLACK BONNET ~ Gr 8 Up-Charity and her older sister, Bea, are near the end of their journey along the Underground Railroad from Virginia to Montreal. They settle in at a “station” in Burlington, Vermont, to recover their health and to prepare for the last leg of their trip. As readers are drawn into the story, it is revealed that Charity’s father is a plantation owner and that Bea is expecting the child of another white farmer. The young women make friends among the conductors’ families and their fellow runaways. Burlington is crawling with slave hunters, and danger is imminent. Charity, because she is so light-skinned, goes into town wearing a black bonnet that ostensibly provides enough protection to allow her to “pass” as white. Bryant cleverly weaves real-life railroad conductors, such as Lucius Bigelow and Edward Peck, into the narrative, as well as famous escaped slaves, such as Harriet Tubman. Although the novel is suspenseful, some youngsters may have difficulty with the graphic descriptions of violence, some of which seems forced; the unrealistic plot elements; and the tension that arises from Charity’s unnecessary adventures into “white” society. It is disturbing and preposterous that a fair-skinned former slave would parade through the streets directly in front of mercenary slave catchers.-Lucinda Lockwood, Thomas Haney Secondary School, Maple Ridge, BC

The story of John Brown's famous raid on Harper's Ferry
The story of John Brown’s famous raid on Harper’s Ferry
ISBN-13: 9781881535331. FATHER BY BLOOD ~ Gr 6-9-A straightforward portrayal of Annie, the young woman who followed her abolitionist father, John Brown, to Harper’s Ferry to care for the men as they prepared to raid the United States Armory. Written from her perspective as an old woman, it is a daughter’s attempt to come to peace with the memory of the stern, taciturn man who saw no disparity between his deep religious faith and his willingness to use violence. As far as he was concerned, God was on his side, and he went forth with his radical plan even if it divided his family or cost innocent lives. Many of the characters, especially Annie and her father, are less colorful or complex than those crafted by Ann Rinaldi in Mine Eyes Have Seen (Scholastic, 1997). Rinaldi’s Annie accompanies her father, partly to gain approval from the distant family patriarch, whereas Bryant’s goes because she cannot bear to be left behind by the young man she loves and her brother and his wife. Bryant’s character is puzzled by her father, but Rinaldi’s is in pain as she alternately loves, fears, obeys, and rebels against him. While this novel is competently written and the author shows promise, Rinaldi’s is a far more gripping tale.-Peggy Morgan, The Library Network, Southgate, MI Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.