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As a Caregiver, I have experienced many different scenarios of caregiving. As a young boy, I protected a friend with Down Syndrome from bullying daily. I volunteered to help with kids with disabilities in a youth group called STAR and was a US delegate to the Canadian National 4-H Convention. I went to RISD Art School High School program for six years and experienced College for 4 years with no degree. In 1969 I was founder and first director of Camp Happyness and was nominated for the Outstanding Young Men of America Award at Twenty. In 1970 I lived in Brazil and created several programs in the agricultural community in the rural farm area on an IFYE exchange. I was a house worker for a group home in Massachusetts. I worked with a camp for kids with Cancer as a photographer. I was a freelance photographer since my twenties and worked in retail and theater in NYC and was a Visual Display Artist for Bloomingdales, Victory Shirt Co, and many clothing and stationery stores. I worked with the homeless and substance abuse programs and HIV/AIDS Peer Education coordinator in Yonkers. I volunteered at Camp VIVA for families affected by HIV. I was a truck Driver, mill worker, and sales rep. On the board of the Stamford Arts Society and worked as an Educational Technician for several schools in Vermont for twenty-two years. I served on the Community Justice Center Board since 2014 and was Retail Manager for the Non-profit called ReSource. I now work with the mental health agency and have been a PCA for one young man for twenty plus years. My next goal is to continue restoring the 1900 vintage 16 room Victorian and turn it into a respite place for people with TBI. My mission in life is to enjoy it, learn from it, and leave it better than when I got here.

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If I Die Before I Wake, A Caregivers Journey by Eli Shaw. A very timely book, ahead of its time.
If I Die Before I Wake, A Caregivers Journey by Eli Shaw. A very timely book, ahead of its time.
This book was started 25 years ago as a healing method after experiencing the AIDS Pandemic. After realizing how I got there a psychologist friend of mine told me I should write a book. So I did. This book is so relevant to today’s pandemic it is amazing. A great read and inspiring.
Louella Bryant
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Ellie Bryant

Louella Bryant’s novel Cowboy Code is based on the true story of a Virginia mountain town. Other books include While In Darkness There Is Light, nonfiction about the Vietnam era, a story collection, and two Civil War novels for young adult readers. Her award-winning writing has appeared in magazines and anthologies. A graduate of George Washington University and Vermont College of Fine Arts, Louella works as an independent editor. Visit her website at

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A coming-of-age story set in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.
A coming-of-age story set in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.
ISBN-13: 9781684333004. COWBOY CODE ~ Crazy about cowboy movies, fourteen-year-old Bobbie Grey uses Gene Autry’s code of honor as her moral guide. When her father is killed in an explosion at the paper mill, her mother takes a job at the mill and becomes enamored with co-worker Phoenix. Bobbie yearns for her mother’s attention while secretly in love with Covey, a young boxer from the African settlement. Burr, a Navy man on leave, woos Maggie and when he ships out, Phoenix declares her love for Maggie and becomes Bobbie’s ally. When Bobbie takes forbidden walks to the African settlement, Covey’s family takes her in. During the night, Klansmen come for Covey and beat him, accusing him of prowling. Phoenix begs Maggie to leave Burr but she refuses until she discovers him with another woman. From Phoenix, Bobbie learns that love transcends race and gender and that it sometimes requires the ultimate sacrifice—letting go.

A Vietnam era story of adventure and tragedy in Australia
A Vietnam era story of adventure and tragedy in Australia
ISBN-13: 9781937854607. WHILE IN DARKNESS THERE IS LIGHT ~ A look at the lives of five young men who, during the Vietnam era, start a commune in Australia—and a look at how young men often look to the wild to find themselves and the consequences this sometimes yields. The Rosebud Farm project was born of idealism, commitment, and virtue, all deeply rooted in friendships that have transcended distance and time. The men in this story, insulated by wealth and innocent of heart, were trying to make sense of a tumultuous world and trying to find some peace in it. One of these five young men was Charlie Dean, the brother of Howard Dean (who has written the introduction).

A story of the Underground Railroad set in Burlington, Vermont
A story of the Underground Railroad set in Burlington, Vermont
ISBN-13: 9781881535225. THE BLACK BONNET ~ Gr 8 Up-Charity and her older sister, Bea, are near the end of their journey along the Underground Railroad from Virginia to Montreal. They settle in at a “station” in Burlington, Vermont, to recover their health and to prepare for the last leg of their trip. As readers are drawn into the story, it is revealed that Charity’s father is a plantation owner and that Bea is expecting the child of another white farmer. The young women make friends among the conductors’ families and their fellow runaways. Burlington is crawling with slave hunters, and danger is imminent. Charity, because she is so light-skinned, goes into town wearing a black bonnet that ostensibly provides enough protection to allow her to “pass” as white. Bryant cleverly weaves real-life railroad conductors, such as Lucius Bigelow and Edward Peck, into the narrative, as well as famous escaped slaves, such as Harriet Tubman. Although the novel is suspenseful, some youngsters may have difficulty with the graphic descriptions of violence, some of which seems forced; the unrealistic plot elements; and the tension that arises from Charity’s unnecessary adventures into “white” society. It is disturbing and preposterous that a fair-skinned former slave would parade through the streets directly in front of mercenary slave catchers.-Lucinda Lockwood, Thomas Haney Secondary School, Maple Ridge, BC

The story of John Brown's famous raid on Harper's Ferry
The story of John Brown’s famous raid on Harper’s Ferry
ISBN-13: 9781881535331. FATHER BY BLOOD ~ Gr 6-9-A straightforward portrayal of Annie, the young woman who followed her abolitionist father, John Brown, to Harper’s Ferry to care for the men as they prepared to raid the United States Armory. Written from her perspective as an old woman, it is a daughter’s attempt to come to peace with the memory of the stern, taciturn man who saw no disparity between his deep religious faith and his willingness to use violence. As far as he was concerned, God was on his side, and he went forth with his radical plan even if it divided his family or cost innocent lives. Many of the characters, especially Annie and her father, are less colorful or complex than those crafted by Ann Rinaldi in Mine Eyes Have Seen (Scholastic, 1997). Rinaldi’s Annie accompanies her father, partly to gain approval from the distant family patriarch, whereas Bryant’s goes because she cannot bear to be left behind by the young man she loves and her brother and his wife. Bryant’s character is puzzled by her father, but Rinaldi’s is in pain as she alternately loves, fears, obeys, and rebels against him. While this novel is competently written and the author shows promise, Rinaldi’s is a far more gripping tale.-Peggy Morgan, The Library Network, Southgate, MI Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.
Nadean Stone
Address: Grand Isle VT

Nadean Stone was born in Blind River Ontario, Canada, graduated from Windsor University in 1973 with a BA and McMaster University in 1976 with an MBA.

She obtained her Certificate in Journalism in 2002 and her Certificate of Legal Management, CLM in 2011.

In 2004, Nadean helped launch a weekday one-hour talk show on NBC Miramar, FL as the show’s Booker and Celebrity Producer.

Nadean is a Legal Management Consultant and author. She works as an advocate for children and adoptees, with an interest in public policy and legislation. In July 2018 she filed a petition with the UN Commission on the Rights of the Child illuminating numerous Articles of the UN Convention that the Province of Ontario has violated in its treatment of illegally adopted children.

Nadean spent 44 years searching for her birth mother, challenging the current law in Ontario Canada regarding non-adoptee’s access to their birth records. To access Birth Search Resources in Ontario Canada, click here.

She is currently exploring the transformation of her memoir No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey To Identity into a screenplay and is also working on a series of children’s stories about her adventures on her grandmother’s farm, as well as a story about her much-loved Aunt Roberta.

She and her husband Bill divide their time between their home in Florida and their cottage in Vermont.

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ISBN: 9780578431642 – No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey to Identity – My beautiful adoptive mother Rita died when I was two years old. When her mother, my grandmother shared that I was adopted, my birthday wish every year was to find my birth mother. No Stone Unturned is about the decades long search and so much more. As one reviewer states, “This book is a MUST READ. Never judge a book by its cover. Don’t let the beauty and softness of Nadean fool you. She is tough as stone. No Stone Unturned is a real-life story which contains all the elements for a great movie: Real life drama, pain, suspense, romance, royalty, politics, and more. You will cry, laugh, and get angry. Thank you Nadean for being transparent and opening up your soul to share such personal details.”

No Stone Unturned back cover - Click to enlarge.
No Stone Unturned back cover – Click to enlarge.
Sean Prentiss

Sean Prentiss is the award winning author of Finding Abbey: The Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave which won the 2015 winner of the National Outdoor Book Award for History/Biography, the Utah Book Award for Nonfiction, and the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for biography. Finding Abbey was also a finalist for both the Vermont and Colorado Book Awards.

His next book is Crosscut: Poems (2020), which is a memoir-in-poems about his time as a trail builder inthe Pacific Northwest.

He is the co-editor of an anthology on the craft of creative nonfiction, entitled The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre, and the co-editor of a forthcoming anthology, entitled the Science of Story: The Brain Behind Creative Nonfiction.

He is also the co-author of Environmental and Nature Writer: A Writers’ Guide and Anthology and the forthcoming Advanced Creative Nonfiction: Writers’ Guide and Anthology.

​He is also the series editor for Bloomsbury’s Writers’ Guide and Anthology textbook series, which has three books in print and multiple books in production.

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Crosscut: Poems
Crosscut: Poems

Finding Abbey
Finding Abbey

Env. and Nature Writing
Env. and Nature Writing

The Science of Story
The Science of Story